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About Bulibasha

Our Brand:

Bulibasha creates unique contemporary footwear, designed for style, comfort and sustainability. As a brand, we are passionate about making people happy. From our customers to our team, our suppliers, artisans, and mother earth herself.

Our Team:

Bringing sustainable employment to Indonesian rich culture of craft and creativity, our unique weaving techniques are taught to people of all ages within local communities. Growing together, our individual artisans have moved from single families to entire neighborhoods, allowing our team to work from home in their own time whilst caring for children and tending to households.

Our Design:

Bulibasha’s designs found their original inspiration in the bustling streets of Morocco. Embracing a combination of weaving styles found throughout the city’s markets, organic materials were sourced within Indonesia, prompting a creative journey that has developed into this unique range of footwear. Expect many more ornate designs as we continue to merge culture, art, and creativity from across the globe with our own concepts and passionate flair.

Our Production:

Our signature sandals are designed using materials sourced locally. All-natural palm and coconut leaf fibers are handwoven using techniques exclusive to Bulibasha. Each pair takes up to four days to create, giving your shoes an individual stamp of creativity and artistic passion.

Our Mission:

We are passionate about a workplace where talent shines. Everybody deserves access to new skills, employment, and fair trade. Educating youth is essential, embracing elders with fresh work opportunities is imperative to sustainable communities. We believe every individual can be the master of something given support, coaching, and passage to information.

Our Vision:

We believe that time is the most precious gift. Creating a work environment that prioritizes and supports family values, employees are task-driven while self-managed. Our team nominates their own schedules around tending to family needs and community priorities. Through freedom, trust, and creative guidance, we build lasting relationships with incredible results in productivity and staff morale. Bulibasha hopes that this model of employment will be recognized and implemented more frequently within the global community.

Our Values:
  • Cultural preservation
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Community-based employment
  • Staff contentment
  • Education
  • Artistic integrity
  • Incredible products!