About Bulibasha

Sustainable Footwear Handmade With Tropical Palm Leaf By Bulibasha - About Us Desktop

Our Brand:

BuliBasha. Footwear for life. Unique, contemporary comfort. From the soles of your feet to the style in your step. Our designers, artisans, and suppliers are passionately driven to bring you happiness from the ground up.

Our Team:

We believe in sustainable employment for people of all strengths, abilities, and cultural commitments. Teaching our unique weaving techniques within local communities we encourage artisans to remain family-focused. This has seen us grow from employing small families to supporting entire neighborhoods, bringing new income streams to those who would otherwise be considered too restricted or too old to seek work outside their local area.

Our Design:

Rich in natural beauty, our purpose is to support sustainability within Indonesia’s stunning archipelago. Handcrafted in harmony with nature, our footwear is woven with tropical tree leaf fibers sourced from local farmers, supporting the local economy and leaving zero environmental impact.

Our Production:

Our signature footwear is entirely handmade. Designed using natural materials, plant-based dyes, and vegetable-tanned leather. All-natural leaf fibers are handwoven using techniques exclusive to Bulibasha. Each pair takes 2-5 days to envision and complete, giving your shoes an individual stamp of creativity and artistic passion.

Welcome to the Bulibasha family! Our unique style of hand-crafted sandals cannot be found anywhere else in the world -  we look forward to sharing many more exotic designs with you!

Our Mission:

We are passionate about a workplace where talent shines. Everybody deserves access to new skills, employment, and fair trade. Educating youth is essential, embracing elders with fresh work opportunities is imperative to sustainable communities. We believe every individual can be the master of something given support, coaching, and passage to information.

Our Vision:

We believe that time is the most precious gift. Creating a work environment that prioritizes and supports family values, employees are task-driven while self-managed. Our team nominates their own schedules around tending to family needs and community priorities. Through freedom, trust, and creative guidance, we build lasting relationships with incredible results in productivity and staff morale. Bulibasha hopes that this model of employment will be recognized and implemented more frequently within the global community.

Our Values:

Cultural preservation

Environmental sustainability

Community-based employment

Staff contentment


Artistic integrity

Incredible products!


The journey towards success is forever in motion and each day I feel blessed to have new people like yourself, join the Bulibasha community, the brand I have created to express my passion for art, travel, lifestyle, and harmonious practices. 

My own journey began in a humble village in Serbia, where I was fortunate to learn lessons in gratitude through the hard work of my parents and their peers. As wars swept through our lives and raged over our heads, communal love and dedication kept our hearts warm and our gardens tended. I was taught from an early age that beauty is in the struggle and victories come with every small decision to better our lives and the lives of those around us. 

Along with these lessons came an incredible desire to see more of the world, experience the beauty of other cultures and the art they inspire. As I grew, so did my love for creative expression. It was this appetite to discover the world, hear its languages, and be influenced by its magnificence that drew me to Indonesia. 

Traditional cultures are brimming with handmade items, for both practicality and self-expression. I longed to combine the two by creating a sustainable product while keeping traditional values prospering, engaging with local communities, and providing opportunities for those in less fortunate circumstances. 

Having now poured all my experiences into creating Bulibasha footwear, I am so proud of the team that has gathered around me to build and grow this brand. As we continue to take orders from every corner of the globe, we are able to maintain support for our community closer to home. 

Thank you for stepping into my world, stepping out in our shoes, and embracing this brand! I truly hope you stay with us as we continue to create beautiful products and cherish the values that keep communities thriving.